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Discovery-based search results displaying in opposite order



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed (View Workflow)
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: 1.7.2
    • Fix Version/s: 1.8.0, 1.8.1
    • Component/s: Discovery, Solr, XMLUI
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      Red Hat, Java 1.6.0_26, discovery-enabled dspace instance
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      Discovery-based (relevancy) search results are being returned in an order of least-relevant to greatest relevance (ascending) - even though the interface shows that default search results will be displayed in descending order.

      I'm running on DSpace 1.7.2 (with discovery enabled) and have tested on two different dspace instances with different themes (both custom and prefab), and within two very different data sets. To reproduce the issue I'm mentioning, all that needs to be done is a simple search from within two different search forms. For example, using the Mirage theme in dspace 1.7.2 follow these steps:

      1) Open two browser tabs - tabA and tabB
      2) In tabA navigate to the root (home) page of your dspace instance (you can use either the main column or side column search areas).
      3) In tabB navigate to the advanced search page of your dspace instance (we'll be using the main [left-hand] column search area).
      4) Choose a term to search for with both search areas. I used "access" because I knew it was in my data set(s).
      5) Enter your search term within the tabA search area and submit the form.
      6) Enter that same search term within the tabB search area and submit the form.

      At this point you will notice that the search results are not the same, or more precisely (if you have less than 10 results you'll notice this more easily) the results are in opposing orders.

      7) On the tabB page, notice that the sort options' "in order" box, the default listing is "descending".
      8) On the tabB page, select "ascending" in the "in order" box, then re-submit the form. Note that the order of results is reversed.
      9) On the tabA page, select "ascending" in the "in order" box, then re-submit the form. Note that the order of results is not changed (they were already in ascending order).
      10) On the tabA page, go back to "descending" in the "in order" box, then re-submit the form. Notice that now the order of results is reversed.

      At this point I'm going to assume that the numerical system representing relevancy is of the flavor that the higher the number, the more relevant the item record is to the search term(s). If this is the case, I believe that would mean that descending order would be the more "correct" default display of search results in that the most relevant results would be listed at the the top or beginning of the list.

      With this said, I think the take-away might be that for the "tabA" search areas that were mentioned, they default results in an ascending, rather than descending order. It seems quite misleading to the user (having results listed in ascending order) due to the "in order" comboBox displaying "descending" by default.

      I used the DuraSpace Jira Issue Navigator to see if anything related to this had been entered, but I didn't see anything.

      Would it not make more sense to have those "tabA" search areas default to displaying relevancy results in descending order?

      Many thanks for your attention, and I hope this is helpful.




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