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dspace 'index-init' errors out by default (with Discovery enabled)



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      After i install dspace and create 02 community and 02 collection.
      I run command dspace index-init
      This is error

      Exception: Caching is not supported by the ItemCountDAOSolr as it is not really needed, Solr is faster!
      org.dspace.browse.ItemCountException: Caching is not support bu the ItemCoubntDAOSolr as ity is not really needed,

      File dspace.cfg

              1. Settings for item count (strength) information ####
      1. whether to display collection and community strengths
      2. (Since DSpace 4.0, this config option is used by XMLUI, too.
      3. XMLUI only makes strengths available to themes if this is set to true!
      4. To show strengths in the XMLUI, you also need to create a theme which displays them)
        webui.strengths.show = true
      1. if showing strengths, should they be counted in real time or
      2. fetched from cache?
      3. Counts fetched in real time will perform an actual count of the
      4. database contents every time a page with this feature is requested,
      5. which will not scale. The default behaviour is to use a cache (see
      6. ItemCounter configuration)
      7. The default is to use a cache
        webui.strengths.cache = false
                1. ItemCounter Configuration ######
      1. Define the DAO class to use. This must correspond to your choice of
      2. storage for the browse system (RDBMS: PostgreSQL or Oracle, Solr).
      3. By default, since DSpace 4.0, the Solr implementation is used.
      4. Only if you use a DBMS implementation and want to use the cache
      5. (recommended!), you must run the following command periodically
      6. to update the count:
      7. [dspace]/bin/itemcounter (NOT required if you use the Solr implementation)
      8. PostgreSQL:
      9. ItemCountDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.ItemCountDAOPostgres
      10. Oracle:
      11. ItemCountDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.ItemCountDAOOracle
      12. Solr:
      13. ItemCountDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.ItemCountDAOSolr
                1. Browse Configuration ######
      1. Define the DAO class to use this must meet your storage choice for
      2. the browse system (RDBMS: PostgreSQL or Oracle, Solr).
      3. By default, since DSpace 4.0, the Solr implementation is used
      4. PostgreSQL:
      5. browseDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.BrowseDAOPostgres
      6. browseCreateDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.BrowseCreateDAOPostgres
      7. Oracle:
      8. browseDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.BrowseDAOOracle
      9. browseCreateDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.BrowseCreateDAOOracle
      10. Solr:
      11. browseDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.SolrBrowseDAO
      12. browseCreateDAO.class = org.dspace.browse.SolrBrowseCreateDAO

      Reporter: NGUYỄN HÙNG THANH
      E-mail: nghungthanh@gmail.com


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