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Bundles in REST



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      While writing the PR https://github.com/DSpace/Rest7Contract/pull/68, I was trying to identify a way to change the bitstream order in REST (a feature currently supported in DSpace 6)

      The bitstream order is stored in the bundle2bitstream.bitstream_order (not to be confused with bitstream sequence). This information is not retrievable at all at the moment via REST as bundles are assumed to be a bitstream property

      I think the best way to proceed would be to create a bundle endpoint, but I don't know the exact reasons why it was omitted so far.

      I think what we'll need is:

      • a way to list the bundles in an item
      • a way to list the bitstreams in a bundle, based on the order
      • a way to alter the order of the bitstreams in a bundle

      And another reason why bundles are very useful is for retrieving item's bitstreams limited to one or a few bundles, or even to one thumbnail

      My questions on this aspect are:

      • is there any problem in introducing the bundle in REST
      • should the direct inclusion from item to bitstream be removed, so it's always accessed through the bundles. If not, how can the REST in the future be modified to only limit to a thumbnail, or the original bundle
      • should the bundleName property be replaced with a HAL link
      • how can the bitstream_order be represented. It's not a bitstream property. The bitstreams can be returned in the given order as an array, with paging
      • how should the order be changed. I think https://github.com/mikekelly/hal-rfc/issues/12 will be the closest to what we need, but with a move instead of replace, and identifying the exact bitstream with the index in the list of bitstreams
      • Should we also consider renaming the sequenceId to avoid any confusion that it doesn't determine a sequence


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