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Start new submission via Search or ID Lookup (using Live Import)



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      (This ticket is to summarize a functional overview of a user experience. Therefore, it may require Angular UI and/or REST API subtickets for specific tasks listed here.)

      Per DS-4491, the DSpace 7 Angular UI / REST API must support the ability to begin a new submission via a publication search or lookup via identifier using an external service (e.g. arXiv, Crossref, etc) from the MyDSpace page.

      In DSpace 6, this was supported as follows:

      • In JSPUI, a StartSubmissionLookupStep allowed search by PubMedID (in PubMed), DOI (in PubMed, CrossRef or arXiv) or arXiv ID (in arXiv). Additionally free text search was supported for PubMed only.
      • In XMLUI, a different StartSubmissionLookupStep allowed for a general "Publication Search" where an identifier, DOI, Title or Author could be entered. This searched PubMed only.

      For DSpace 7, this feature must include the following:

      • (UI) Starting from the MyDSpace page, a user should have the option to import a publication from an external source. For simplicity, this likely should be a single searchbox (unless we find a strong reason for separate fields). It might be best placed somewhere alongside of the drag & drop box (but other ideas/designs are welcome).
      • (REST) Using Live Import, a search should be performed across two external services. The first should be PubMed (which is already supported by Live Import), and the second should be either arXiv or CrossRef. (Additional services can be supported in follow-up PRs)
      • (UI) After a search is performed, the user will be shown matching results with the option to "Import" a publication record or search again. (This search results set may need to be simplified from our normal search results, as facets likely cannot be supported.)
      • (UI) Once a user chooses to import a publication, a new submission will be started and the user will immediately move to the submission form with that publication metadata prefilled. (Importing multiple publications at a time will not be supported through this interface.)


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