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Add support for rendering DOI links in JSPUI (1.4, 1.5) - ID: 2521493



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Closed (View Workflow)
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.5.0
    • Fix Version/s: 1.5.2
    • Component/s: JSPUI
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      Add support in JSPUI for identifiers stored in dc.identifier.doi to be
      rendered as links to http://dx.doi.org/<DOI>.
      Patches against 1.4.2 source release, 1.5.1 source release, and 1.5.x
      branch (revision 3371) are supplied.
      As well as applying these patches, changes will need to be made to
      dspace.cfg, and possibly Messages.properties, input-forms.xml and the
      metadata registry if DOI identifiers haven't been used at all up to this


      This patch is being uploaded as I have been asked by some members of the
      community to share the changes we've made to be able to nicely use/display
      DOI identifiers. If this is not the appropriate place for such patches,
      please remove or let me know.

      I am not sure if it should be included in DSpace or not – if it was to be,
      the default Messages.properties, dublin-core-types.xml and dspace.cfg would
      need patching as well. I'm not supplying patches for those here as I didn't
      want to confuse or mislead anyone wanting to apply this patch to their
      existing DSpace instance.

      I am happy to supply patches against default (latest revision) copies of
      these other files if people think that this should be included in the 1.5


      Download the patch that is appropriate for your version of DSpace.
      The 1.5 SVN patch has been tested against DSpace 1.5.x branch, and is an
      svn diff.
      The 1.5 non-SVN patch has been tested against DSpace 1.5.1 source release,
      and is a standard diff.
      The 1.4.2 patch has been tested against DSpace 1.4.2 source release.

      The diffs all make changes to ItemTag.java, so if you have already made
      changes to this file, please review the patch and consider making the
      changes manually, or merging safely with SVN in the case of the SVN diff.

      As per usual, if you're not using SVN, back up your source code first!

      The patches should all be applied from the root of your DSpace source
      directory. Use subversion to patch if you are applying the SVN patch to
      your local branch, or "patch -p0 < filename.diff" if you are applying one
      of the patches made against the source releases. Again, this is from the
      root of the DSpace source directory (ie. the directory that was created
      when you unzipped/untarred your DSpace source release archive). If patch
      fails, complaining that it can't find a file to patch, you likely are
      trying to patch from the wrong directory or are using the wrong path

      I hope I've got the conventions right. If I haven't please let me know
      because I'd rather make sure my patches are standard and conform to DSpace
      convention before making them public.


      DSpace's dublin core metadata registry does NOT have dc.identifier.doi
      defined, so this will need to be defined within DSpace, an appropriate
      label set in Messages.properties, and a relevant input form field defined
      in input-forms.xml (the easiest way to get started would be to just add DOI
      as another value in the Identifier dropdown menu).

      DSpace's configuration file will not do anything with DOI metadata until
      told to. You will need to edit the "webui.itemdisplay.default" parameter,
      so that it includes "dc.identifier.doi(doi)".


      webui.itemdisplay.default = dc.title, dc.contributor.*, \
      dc.date.issued(date), dc.identifier.citation,
      dc.publisher, \
      dc.identifier.doi(doi), \
      dc.relation.uri(link), dc.description.abstract,
      dc.subject, dc.type, dc.identifier.uri(link),
      dc.description, dc.identifier

      Your Messages.properties will need a line like:

      metadata.dc.identifier.doi = DOI

      After the patch and config changes have been applied, and DSpace has been
      restarted, you should be able to view DOI values as nice rendered links,
      like the one at http://hdl.handle.net/10289/439




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